The best kept secret in Leeds

The Adelphi on the corner of Dock Street in Leeds is for my money one of the best pubs, if not the best pub in the city. It really is an authentic old Leeds boozer combined with the cool artiness of a refurb that manages to lose none of the character of this historic watering hole whilst oozing coolness and shabby chic.

Just back from a meeting there with my film club mates and because I went straight from work, I had some food before we met. Having a recent Sunday lunch with the family, I knew that the kitchen turns out some decent gear and my club sandwich and extra fat chips were on this occasion bang on the money.

Worth a mention is the excellent wine list (pictured) and the descriptions just make you want to try every wine on there, although it would take some time as it’s pretty extensive. Featured real ales and a well stocked bar are a must these days to compete, and it’s what you get here with a few quirky extras – Big Tom was a surprisingly spicy tomato juice (not the barman) that I’ve not come across before.

The midweek ambience is the right side of relaxed and the staff struck the right note with attentive but laid back service. Old time Leodiensians, those in the know and new city dwellers make the most of this tucked away gem and I have to say that’s the way I like it – too many people latch on to the place and you’d never get a table or served at the bar.

If you’re in town for a shopping trip or fancy a midweek pre or post cinema, it’s well worth the detour to the bottom of Briggate and over the bridge.

Loading pictures on the site

I think we have now finally resloved the loading of pictures issue on the site.

If you are using a PC, then you need to use the browser Firefox to view the site. It’s a much better browser than Internet Explorer, more modern with lots of features. Download it here and follow the instructions: I would recommend that you use this as your default browser anyway.

John has done it and can now upload images. Dawn and Pat – can you try and see if you can do it?



Signori – Sirmione

G&D at The Signori

Still playing with the page design and importing pictures but wanted to share this photo from the archives taken at one of our favourite restaurants in Italy. I think the picture captures what it’s all about, Good company, food, wine and conversation. Note to Phil … Firefox is the future, just like garlic bread!!


The Bankhouse

Enjoyed a very acceptable Sunday lunch in The Bankhouse with John and Linda. Hard to think of a better way to while away a couple of hours on a grey sunday afternoon – couple of pints of Bombardier guest ale later it looked like a very good choice indeed.

As far as sunday lunches go it was about right – we’ve certainly had a lot worse. Julie had chicken and I had beef roast dinners, with John following suit with beef and Linda splashing out on pork. 

All very nice indeed.


Sardinian Lobster

Difficult to find pictures of food experiences in the archives but this is from last year at a beach restaurant in Bahia Sardinia. Prime position on the beach. The biggest lobsters ever!! Served with pasta and a local white wine accompanied by the biggest bill for lunch ever. We never learn!!

Wanted to test posting pictures so next foodie adventure I can use the camera phone and share.



Porchetta for tea. Just been up to the farm shop and bought a nice piece of pork loin to roast. Following Jamie’s porchetta recipe in his Italian book, we’ve done it before and it was fantastic.

The best Mojitos in Leeds

Saturday night was spent very enjoyably in the company of Rob and Alison at Viva Cuba on Kirkstall Road in Leeds. This really is the best Tapas place I know of (outside Spain of course) and everything works for me – a simple menu, fantastic atmosphere and great Mojitos!

And last night was no exception, as usual it was packed out and although I’d supposedly got a table lined up through a mate (you can’t book) we had to wait an hour, which passed pretty quickly in the noisy, cramped bar. It’s funny, normally I’d not bother to wait in those circumstances, but at Viva Cuba, it’s what you do and it’s fine.

The food was great, nothing groundbreaking but spot on. We all ordered 3 dishes each and tucked in as you do. Sample dishes were chargrilled sardines, anchovies, beef meatballs in rosemary sauce, stuffed peppers, olive bread, chorizo, jalapenos, gambas…the table was full of dishes.

The best thing about the night was the price – incredible value. For four of us, including 2 bottles of wine, it came to only £80! If you haven’t been to Viva Cuba yet, I would completely recommend it, go midweek when it’s bit quieter and the wait for a table isn’t so long.