The best Mojitos in Leeds

Saturday night was spent very enjoyably in the company of Rob and Alison at Viva Cuba on Kirkstall Road in Leeds. This really is the best Tapas place I know of (outside Spain of course) and everything works for me – a simple menu, fantastic atmosphere and great Mojitos!

And last night was no exception, as usual it was packed out and although I’d supposedly got a table lined up through a mate (you can’t book) we had to wait an hour, which passed pretty quickly in the noisy, cramped bar. It’s funny, normally I’d not bother to wait in those circumstances, but at Viva Cuba, it’s what you do and it’s fine.

The food was great, nothing groundbreaking but spot on. We all ordered 3 dishes each and tucked in as you do. Sample dishes were chargrilled sardines, anchovies, beef meatballs in rosemary sauce, stuffed peppers, olive bread, chorizo, jalapenos, gambas…the table was full of dishes.

The best thing about the night was the price – incredible value. For four of us, including 2 bottles of wine, it came to only £80! If you haven’t been to Viva Cuba yet, I would completely recommend it, go midweek when it’s bit quieter and the wait for a table isn’t so long.

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