There’s only one way to dine when the weather’s like this – alfresco. And in my opinion, you just can’t beat the taste of the fire, so the barbecue got its first real outing of the year. 

Pictured is Jonathan Ives’ leg of spring lamb, boned and butterflied, marinated in lemon, garlic, thyme rosemary and extra virgin olive oil. About 10-12 minutes each side and it should be beautifully charred on the outside and pink in the middle (although to be honest I left it on a bit long yesterday, so it wasn’t as pink as I like it, but I had no complaints).

2 thoughts on “Glorious

  1. The lamb was beautiful as was the rest of the food which is usual at one of P&J BBQ’s and what I now expect !!. But Phil is one of the best at doing a BBQ and he always seems to enjoy it and cook the meat to perfection.
    A good evening was had by all. Those hungry teenagers didn’t complain either. He was as usual assisted by the ever smiling julie !

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