Kendell’s Bistro Leeds

On J&L’s recommendation, I took a client to Kendall’s Bistro for lunch yesterday. It was great. We both had the special – chicken, leek and tarragon pies with home made chips. Not only was this brilliant value at £6.90, but the quality of the food was top drawer.

It deserves to be a roaring success, but I suspect because of its location tucked next to Wardrobe behind Leeds College of Music, word of mouth will have to be good. We’ll definitely go back for dinner if anyone fancies it?


5 thoughts on “Kendell’s Bistro Leeds

  1. Thank you so much its comments like these that make the long hours and hard work worth while.
    sincere thanks

  2. Appologies for spelling name wrong and also discovered not open on Sunday evenings after visiting last week, but will definately be back.

  3. the picture I’ve added isn’t just a pervy snap I’ve seen – it’s on the back of the business cards!

  4. We go there quite often and adore the pre theatre menu which is always varied and fantastic value for money. Good selection including vegetarian options, additionally they don’t rush you but make sure you get to the theatre on time!
    We are greeted and treated like friends and now they have lost the old plastics chairs from the last restaurant on site we feel comfortable too!
    Superb food, highly recommended.
    Lib & family

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