Charcoal Chicken, Roundhay Road, Leeds

I’ve been working in North Leeds for over 5 years.

I travel up and down Roundhay Road which has more than its fair share of takeaway establishments – pretty much every other shop is either kebab, curry or more exotically, Persian.

Anyway, there’s this shabby looking shop called Charcoal Chicken that pumps charcoal grill smoke out of enormous chimneys that if I’m honest smells pretty good. Except every night I passed it I never stopped.

A couple of weeks ago after a pretty long day having skipped lunch and feeling particularly famished, I succumbed and called in and quickly worked out the half chicken meal looked a good bet.

it’s basically chilli marinated chicken cooked on a charcoal grill and boy it was good! I’m hoping I don’t bump into Hugh asking about the free range provenance of the product…

Writing this, I’m really not sure if this gaff has a place on the Troffers blog, but do you know what? I think it should be there. Good, honest, cheap and simple food.

1 thought on “Charcoal Chicken, Roundhay Road, Leeds

  1. They say ‘everything tastes like chicken’ …. even chicken … Sometimes a little of what you fancy!! J.

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