The White Swan – Ampleforth

Saturday 10th May. When the sun shines like this you have to seize the day. Arranged to meet Tony and Pat at the White Swan on Tony’s recommendation. Started the day with a look at Pern’s Delli in Helmsley and regretted not taking a cool bag to bring things back but a well stocked and interesting shop to be revisited. Also on another note whilst in Helmsley there is an excellent discount book store just off the market square and we bought Jamie Oliver’s monster 448 page ‘Cook with Jamie’ book for a bargain price.

After arriving at the White Swan in open top carriages (of the non horse variety) the first impression of this country pub was of the excellent decor and homely atmosphere. Lunch was chosen from the blackboard menu with Linda ordering the Beefburger and I decided on the ‘White Swan Platter’ a smorgasbord of fish, meat and cheeses with accompaniments. Presentation and quality of food was of a high standard.

One of the best impressions of the White Swan was the excellent service. When we arrived we had drinks in the garden with an indoor table being reserved for our meal. We then returned to the garden for our deserts and coffees which where the only bits I remembered to photograph as the pictures testify.

This was a great choice by Tony and one which we hope to return.

Take a look by clicking on this link …

5 thoughts on “The White Swan – Ampleforth

  1. My party of 4 went to the White Swan yesterday for a birthday celebratory lunch on a very enthusiastic recommendation.
    We were not impressed in fact, hugely disappointed, the service was appalling and the food only average. We were left waiting around when we walked in, 5 members of staff ignored us, no eye contact, no acknowledgement of our presence, not a good start, I thought. I managed to attract a young mans attention who took us to our table with menus and there we sat for nearly 15 minutes, no drinks, nobody even looking at us, at the worst table in the room. I had to go back to the bar and order our drinks and ask for some service. When the starters arrived, they were fine but when asked for some bread, the waitress looked at us as if we had said something nasty! The mains took some time which would not have been an issue if they had been piping hot when they arrived. My gravy had started to congeal, the roast potatoes underdone and some of the veg was so hard you couldn’t get your fork in them, and I like my veg ‘al dente’ The only really happy diner in our party was the one with the seafood salad.
    As an acknowledgement of our poor dining experience, our desserts were free of charge.
    Needless to say, I will not be making a repeat visit and they should take customer service lessons from the Wetherby Whaler in York, who are, without exception, brilliant

  2. We have enjoyed many a meal at the White Swan. We also recommended it to guests who are staying with us at . Most would say that this is a highlight of their holiday in the way of places to eat. Locally sourced meat and produce goes a long way into the quality of these meals .The portions are so generous- a London model could live for a month on one meal here.

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