Tony plays hunt the pork

Bank holiday Monday was spent at Castle Howard for the Ryedale Festival of Food and Drink.

John, Linda, Pat, and Tony met us there (eventually after bank hol traffic – we should have set off earlier) around 11.30 – just in time for the cookery demo by Greens of Whitby. Whilst the demo was good (but not entirely revelatory) it was held in a maquee that did well to withstand the howling gales outside, although it was sunny.

The first demo was better apparently, although I did enjoy seeing how an entire crab can be used to best effect.

We spent a blustery lunch on the go wrestling with an organic roast pork sandwich and pint of black sheep (somerset cider for the laydeez). Tony had the monk on with the lack of pork in his sandwich and he did have grounds for concern to be honest. The bread wasn’t the best but to be honest it filled a hole and set us up for a not entirely difficult wander around the big tent with all the local food suppliers.

Plenty of artisan sausages and pies (including a fabulous game pie from where I have no idea), spanking fresh asparagus, rapeseed oil and beautifully sweet strawbubs from East Yorkshire. Tony bought some amazing cheese that in his words, rightfully ‘spread just like butter’.

In truth, it could have been a better, bigger event with more suppliers. Maybe it just needs to build up.

The day was rounded off beautifully at John and Linda’s with a feast of locally sourced produce fand the icing on the cake was Champagne and Strawberries! 



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