Vermillion at The Scotsman, Edinburgh

Last Friday 30th May I had dinner with some business associates at The Vermillion in Edinburgh. As a print person this was an interesting choice as it is situated in the basement of the Scotsman Hotel which irself was formerly the original headquarters of The Scotsman Newspaper. The building is magnicicent and characterful from an age when HQ’s were meant to say something of the business and people within it. The restaurant is like a Gentlemens Club. Food was exceptional and dishes included scallops with back pudding, sea bass and steak. The wine list was extensive and we shared prosseco, Reisling and Malbec. Value was pretty good as 3 courses, pre-dinner drinks, wine plus liqueurs meant a £90 per head bill. A recommend.


1 thought on “Vermillion at The Scotsman, Edinburgh

  1. That sounds great Gurdev – I’m sure I’ve seen that place. Is it just by the bridge that overlooks Waverley Station?

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