Taste of Leeds

A very enjoyable afternoon was spent at the Taste of Leeds Festival – Dawn, Gurdev, Linda, Tess, Phil & Julie (JOhn was away on DRUPA duty in Germany and Pat and Tony in Menorca I think)

Dawn got some great pics I hope, so I’ll leave that to her to bring it alive pictorially…

stand outs for me were:

Anthony’s Pigs Cheek (elegant, delicate and beautifully balanced)

The Star’s Black Pudding and Foi Gras (huge portion, big flavours, and immensley rich)

Julie loved her white onion risotto and parmesan air (as usual) and the veggie curry from hansa’s hit the spot just when she needed some carbs to keep her going.

I enjoyed a couple of excellent Mojitos from Verve Bar Leeds – a place I’ll be seeking out in the very near future. tasted very authentic, although I’ve never been to Cuba. Gurdev liked them too.

All in all very agreeable – I’ll let Dawn’s pictures do the rest of the talking.

2 thoughts on “Taste of Leeds

  1. I really enjoyed my afternoon at the taste festival and i tried the risotto with julie (could have done with a bit bigger portion though) but the Malburger was delightful !. I didn’t drink as much as the rest but thats not difficult. The evening was just as enjoyable at P&J with a lovely fire , wonderful snacks, drinks and exceptional company. O’h isn’t life grand.

  2. A big thank you to all you guys for looking after Linda for me whilst I was in Germany. Big mistake having an international print exhibition clashing with the Taste of Leeds event and hopefully I can visit next year. I know who had the better time from your stories.

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