Curry Saffron Guisley

I visited with Dawn and my curry group to the Saffron at Guisley. The lamb chops were the best I’ve had they tasted superb and the portion was ample. unfortunately the main course wasn’t that good. Dawn had a saffron delight and I had chicken in a very sweet sauce. I wasn’t that impressed with the waiters either all one wanted to do was to sell us a discount card and the other one was  rather dismissive and kept ignoring us when we wanted something.  Visited once but wouldn’t go again.

Tess and Dawn

2 thoughts on “Curry Saffron Guisley

  1. We decide where we are going by just discussing it as a group or by recommendation. Nest time were going to a new one thats opened in Bradford City Centre near the walkabout. If it’s any good we may go back if not we kick it into touch.!!

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