Wensleydale Heifer, West Witton, 4th July 2008

With Chester in tow we started our 3 centre holiday at the birth place of the Globe Troffers. Arrived Friday lunch and kicked off with a small taster platter and 1 crab and lobster sandwich washed down with a pint of black sheep for G and a large glass of Mamre Brook Chardonnay, absolutely delicious.

Aysgarth falls walk and a sleep by the river prepared us for dinner of Chef’s seafood platter which included oysters and fresh fish which was followed by mains of Tuna steak salad for D and stuffed seabass for G. Lots of Chablis and straight to bed. Long lie in, walked Ches and super Heifer breakfast.

Drove to Whitby and half way there started to lash down so G walked Ches along the cliffs and both got soaked to skin so we decided to share fish and chips from the Magpie sat in the car, good as Rick said!

Drove back to the Heifer with windows steamed up, had a kip and then got ready for dinner. The single Giant Lobster the chef had in special sounded too good to miss so we went for it. We decided to dine in the Bar and Chester was allowed to join us. Grappling with one of the monsters claws a large chunk of meat fell to the floor and we’ve never seen Chester move so quick or smile as much……. We opted for the Chablis which was a perfect accompaniment for a very special meal. Coffees and a cognac each followed by a good night sleep. After the excess of the last two days we couldn’t face breakfast no matter how nice it is there. So we walked Chester and set off home to wash and pack before the following mornings flight to Portugal.

In our opinion The Wensleydale Hiefer is the best Seafood Restaurant in the North of England!


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