Kendall’s Bistro

Julie’s birthday delivered a trip to Kendall’s Bistro for a midweek Globetroffers treat. Apart from Gurdev (with clients at Bibis) we had a full house of Troffers to enjoy the delights of Kendall’s.

I did take some pics on my phone but I’ll be damned if I can get them off, anyway we had a great time and the food really was sublime. If you’ve never been to Kendall’s before, it really does have the Troffers seal of approval – what are you waiting for?

Main courses went like this:

Julie – Chicken with Tarragon

Linda – Rabbit

John – Beef cheek (yes)

Dawn – Calves liver

Tess – chicken (off the pre theatre menu, but still very good)

Pat – chicken (a la carte)

Tony – ribeye steak

Phil – as above, and the tastiest pice of restaurant steak I’ve had for some time

We’re already planning a return visit and the lunch menu offers the best value quality food in Leeds in my opinion.

Phil&Birthday Girl



Pontedera, Tuscany

It’s taken a bit of time to get round to posting some stuff on Italy. It hasn’t been helped by the fact my memory card on my digital SLR has gone belly up, so all those pictures are lost I think. Luckily I took my compact out with us when we went out to eat so I still have some piccies from the hol. Gutted all the shots around the villa are gone.

Anyway – the first night of the holiday we spent in a sleepy town called Pontedera, which is about 20 mins from Pisa heading towards Firenze. We were looking for quick and easy and the kids fancied pizza so we opted for a pavement pizzeria which, although it looked basic, was perfect. It was pizzas all round – in fact Josh and Georgia had pizza bread as a starter – and I had some Tuscan anti pasti to kick off which consisted of cured ham and melon. Lovely.

One of the specialities of that part of Italy is Lardo – essentially cured pig fat – that is sold like cured meat. This pizzeria had lardo white pizza on the menu so I thought it was worth a pop. I could only manage half as it was incredibly salty and the texture was definitely an acquired taste.

More to follow…

Anthony’s Patisserie

Spent a very nice lunch in the company of my two favourite girls at Anthony’s Patisserie in the VQ.  Georgia had an egg mayonnaise and smoked bacon bagel whilst Julie enjoyed a poached salmon and lime mayonnaise roll, both superb. I opted predictably for the club sandwich which was very substantial but lacked something special (I have no idea what, but I suspect it could have been piping hot chips!).

All washed down with a glass of Rioja Rosada, it passed on an hour very pleasantly after which I had to go do some work.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Now when we were ion Italy, I thought it would be rude not to try out the regional speciality – Florentine Beefsteak. It does vary from place to place, but it’s essentially a T bone grilled to your liking with olive oil drizzled over it. Gorgeous.

So back in drizzly Uk, we decided to get a couple of T Bones from the farm shop (warning: they are NOT cheap). A T Bone contains both the fillet and the sirloin either side of the bone, so it needs careful management on the grill so as not to frazzle the meat.

Ten minutes either side and they were good to go – meat this good needs very little other than seasoning and oil, then a good rest for 10-15 mins.


Globe Troffers Day Out

Well, it’s been some time since we’ve all been out together and last weekend saw the inaugural Globe Troffers Day Out at sunny Burnsall in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. And what a grand day out it was!

There’s no better place to set up for a picnic and paddle than the great spot by the river in the picturesque village of Burnsall just a few miles North of Bolton Abbey.

Some of us stayed by the river to soak up the sun (!) whilst the others disguised a visit to the pub in Appletreewick with a very nice stroll by the river. Either way we all tucked in to an al fresco feast late in the afternoon.

Whilst some of us overdid the frisbee (and felt it on Monday), the rest just enjoyed being outdoors as the weather improved. The girls were booked in for the night camping at Masons in Appletreewick and had a great night at the pub quiz and a  memorable plate full of nachos.

What a great day and it all turned out so well in the end – thanks to the girls for all the organisation and the extra quantities of bacon in our fridge!