Pontedera, Tuscany

It’s taken a bit of time to get round to posting some stuff on Italy. It hasn’t been helped by the fact my memory card on my digital SLR has gone belly up, so all those pictures are lost I think. Luckily I took my compact out with us when we went out to eat so I still have some piccies from the hol. Gutted all the shots around the villa are gone.

Anyway – the first night of the holiday we spent in a sleepy town called Pontedera, which is about 20 mins from Pisa heading towards Firenze. We were looking for quick and easy and the kids fancied pizza so we opted for a pavement pizzeria which, although it looked basic, was perfect. It was pizzas all round – in fact Josh and Georgia had pizza bread as a starter – and I had some Tuscan anti pasti to kick off which consisted of cured ham and melon. Lovely.

One of the specialities of that part of Italy is Lardo – essentially cured pig fat – that is sold like cured meat. This pizzeria had lardo white pizza on the menu so I thought it was worth a pop. I could only manage half as it was incredibly salty and the texture was definitely an acquired taste.

More to follow…

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