Kendall’s Bistro

Julie’s birthday delivered a trip to Kendall’s Bistro for a midweek Globetroffers treat. Apart from Gurdev (with clients at Bibis) we had a full house of Troffers to enjoy the delights of Kendall’s.

I did take some pics on my phone but I’ll be damned if I can get them off, anyway we had a great time and the food really was sublime. If you’ve never been to Kendall’s before, it really does have the Troffers seal of approval – what are you waiting for?

Main courses went like this:

Julie – Chicken with Tarragon

Linda – Rabbit

John – Beef cheek (yes)

Dawn – Calves liver

Tess – chicken (off the pre theatre menu, but still very good)

Pat – chicken (a la carte)

Tony – ribeye steak

Phil – as above, and the tastiest pice of restaurant steak I’ve had for some time

We’re already planning a return visit and the lunch menu offers the best value quality food in Leeds in my opinion.

Phil&Birthday Girl



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