Lovely Sunday

A cracking walk around the valley incorporating Post Hill (named after the Evening Post, which I never knew!!) culminated in a few cheeky beers at the Beulah and informal lunch at ours. Not all of the Troffers were in attendance as J&L were on their way back from Norfolk and Tess joined us for dessert later.

Fabulous late summer weather was the order of the day and it was so nice that we ended up having tea in the garden and the fire lent some extra heat as the sun slipped below the autumnal Birches in the park. 

Julie’s pies (fish and steak) we exceptional and apart form the cracked dish (no disaster) they went according to plan. Julie continued the Delia impression by baking a Victoria Sponge (luvverly) and putting the finishing touched to a tart au citron which was equally delish. She did us al proud and we duly did our bit by polishing it all off in record time and leaving enough for Phil’s lunch at work on the Monday (result).

Pies R Us.

1 thought on “Lovely Sunday

  1. Many thanks guys, we had a lovely day..really pleased that Jules spent all day baking on Sat, was fantastic and very much appreciated…Chester dog says sorry again for getting his head stuck in your plant pot and breaking it…

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