Inspired by  John Wright’s River Cottage Mushroom handbook, we set out this afternoon to see if we could lay our hands on any wild mushrooms in the woods on Post Hill. A bright but chilly afternoon saw us follow the path we’d taken a couple of weekends ago and then off the beaten track we ventured into the woods.

It wasn’t looking good for the first half hour when it seemed like we were coming away empty handed, but our perseverance paid off and we were soon spotting the little beggars everywhere. Armed with the handbook to try and identify the fungus and a knife to prise them out of the undergrowth, we soon had a container full.

we think we’d found quite a lot of Wood Blewits – notable for their purply/lilac stems and gills and also Chanterelles (which I later discovered to be Fallse Chanterelles, not poisonous but not as tasty) along with a few others I have no idea about.

We picked a surprising amount in a small space of time and I think if we have a Troffers outing, we’ll get a good selection given the local habitat.

I haven’t got the courage to eat any of these at this stage, although I’m pretty sure about the Wood Blewits. I might email John Wright and see what he thinks.


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