London weekend 7-11-08

Gurdev and I spent a fabulous weekend in London with friends, it started with a show(The Jersey Boys, well worth seeing) followed by dinner at The Ivy. There was the odd celeb in but we ignored them. Dawn had Fish and Chips with crushed minted garden peas and I had Calves Liver, both were excellent. However the puddings surpassed expectations with D having Creamed Rice Pudding with Plum Jam and the rest of us shared a Baked Alaska to die for! Sometimes The Ivy can be viewed as overrated but we felt at home and the service was very good and value was good at £50 per person including drinks.

Saturday we met Luke and his friend Alistair in the Market Porter pub for a couple of pints of Wessex Ale (Rose for the girls) followed by a wondrous stroll around Borough Market which is a MUST for the Globetroffers, we would have bought everything on display………….

So we had a break at Wrights Oyster Bar, Chablis and Oysters(Helford natives, Devon Rock Oysters, Kilpatricks(warm with bacon bits)) absolutely heaven. Suitably set up we went back for a more selective look, the ingredients on sale were exotic, comprehensive and top notch quality. The boys bought Ostrich Steaks, Buffalo Mozzarella, salads and bread. G treated them to a bottle of beer each.

The rest of us raided the wild Mushrooms(Ceps, Girolles, Black Trumpets and Chanterelles), 2 types of bread, Eppoisse(?) cheese which was served as supper to Phil/Julie/Tess on Sunday night.

After a quick nap we had dinner at Elystano’s, Elystan St Chelsea. Great food, great service, great company and good value.

Sunday we treated the boys to a most superb brunch at Villandry(Great Portland Street) this should be on every Globe Troffers list as it’s an amazing, deli/flower shop/bar/bistro/restaurant!!

Long drive back but well worth it


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