The Cheeseboard

In preparation for the Globe Troffers cheese and wine evening I paid a visit to the rather excellent cheese emporium in Harrogate as recommendended by my good friend Craig.

In search of something rather special for the evening’s festivities, I was seeking the seriously strong Cabrales that I’d sampled in Madrid. It had to be ordered and along with that I bought a rather amazing Calvados Camembert and a goats cheese affair that was wrapped in chestnut leaves that had the distinctive taste of the earth. Unfortunately its name passed me by, but I still have a copy of the label so I can be sure to get some more.

The Calvados Camembert won the overall grand prix for the evening, if there was such a thing, and we had a brilliant time sampling mental cheese, wine, port and sherry combinations. Special mention has to go to Tony’s Falachan (not sure it’s spelt correctly as it resulted in a google zero) a crazy, cheese flavoured wine from the highlands made from fermented whey. It sounds bonkers I know, but it worked.

John and Linda went completely local with their beer and local cheese selection, full marks for cheesn ale  carbon footprint minimalism. Full marks to Dawn for designing her very own point of sale device to sell her cheese to the massed Trotter hordes: no need, the mild creamy affair from Ireland ( I think) won full marks for sheer smoothosity (not a real word). Tess threw down the gauntlet with a cheeky, honey falvoured, nut filled bad boy that went down well with the sweet tooth brigade.

All good. And on top of that, we reviewed the hog roast photographs which proved to be a perfect documentary of one of the most perfect days I can remember.

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