A pre 40th birthday dinner (not for me…obviously) saw me, my brother Steve (forty boy) and sister Gill along with Josh spend a very pleasant but swift dinner at Akbars in Bradford. Still the daddy for me as far as Indian food is concerned  and they really do have everything right – service, food and price all perfectly pitched in my opinion.

Starter of lamb chops – absolutely amazing and the star of the night – and a main course of lamb and ginger balti for me was the best Indian I’ve had for some time and we all had food at the same high qualityl.

Hats off to the industrious team at Akbars. It was a snowy night in Bradford on a Tuesday night and for the restaurant to be 75% full in early December is testament to the loyalty they enjoy. Akbars is a genuine scene in itself and taxis were still depositing curry lovers as we left at 10pm, no mean feat and most restaurants right now would kill for that.

Steve and Josh thought it sensible to order a family naan each – yes, each – and believe it or not, there wasn’t much left at the end of the dinner. Fair play.

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