Restaurant Bar and Grill

Friday night was December book club meeting with the boys and we decided to marke the occasion with an evening at Bar and Grill in city square, Leeds. Busy old night as it turned out (what credit crunch?) and I can report good things about the place.

Probably been there three or four times and every time I’m impressed, it’s a lot of covers and always has a good atmosphere – it’s a big, noisy, clattery room. The staff are great and whilst I don’t think the food is ecxeptional or particularly good value I would always recommend it if you’re having a ‘night out’ in Leeds.

I didn’t realise it was part of a chain, but to be honest it’s very much part of the city, well run and always a high quality (and price) experience – even if some of the people in the bar are not the sort of people you’d choose to rub shoulders with for an hour.


1 thought on “Restaurant Bar and Grill

  1. Hi guys,

    I have been to B n G in Leeds a few times and the food is always a treat, as part of a chain they do really well…I think they have opened one in Harrogate as well…maybe worth a visit?

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