Anthony’s Plaza

Out in Leeds tonight with D&G whilst the rest of the Troffers were off sampling the delights of The Pogues at Leeds Academy.

First port of call was the Harvey Nichols Gourmet Food evening, which although quite small due to the restrictions of the food hall in Leeds, it was a pleasurable if cramped way to spend an hour in the run up to Christmas. Julie couldn’t resist the Harvey Nicks iconic Christmas pudding and the Tabasco jelly, although pricey, looks fab.

A swift pint followed in Whitelocks, still in my opinion one of the best pubs in Leeds and we could have stayed in there for the rest of the night if we hadn’t been so hungry.

Kendells was the plan but JUlie reminded us that the new Anthony’s had just opened in the Corn Exchange so that’s where we headed. Stunningly located in the basement of the newly refurbished Corn Exchange, Anthony’s Plaza really does look the part. A great looking place, nicely laid out and although it’s early days it looks like they are on to a winner there.

The star of the show is definitely the ceiling of the Corn Exchange – all lit up and really breathtaking. Definitely a wow factor and everyone who comes in just can’t help rubbernecking. Although there are no other tenants as yet, you can tell they’ve spent some serious money on the development of the venerable old Leeds landmark.

Anyway, on to the food….I think we’d all probably give it a 7 out of 10 on balance. There were a few bum notes in an otherwise fine meal (good price point, by the way with starters around the £5 mark and the most expensive main £15 I think) and clearly this restaurant has a big reputation to live up to with Anthony Flynn colossus like reputation on the Leeds Restaurant scene.

The moules were good and the liquor well seasoned, the suckling pig cooked in the modern way (just pink) but incredibly well sourced and tasty. Fondant potato was rock hard unfortunately and the side dishes of veg were just fine.

Definitely worth another trip when they’ve sorted themselves out a bit more and the service could do with bit more experience and tlc. Otherwise a lovely evening and we were already trying to think of an excuse to come back soon.


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