Roast at The Midnight Bell

On the 21st December we decided to have a roast at the Midnight bell pub because we were going to the carol service and light supper! at Harvey Nics. We had also heard about it from out Beer festival and John H had seen the menu. Eight of us because we had an honoury Globetroffer with us (Jill H) and poor Julie was dying of cold so Phil had to look after her.. We started off with a drink of hand pulled beer from the Leeds brewery then the roast dinner.  I had roast beef with all the trimmings, the horseradish source had a great kick to it ,the beef was pink and the veg crisp. All was looking good.!

Unfortunately the coffee was dire, Dawns pudding didn’t arrive or the extra milk for the coffee so in the end we did without. There wasn’t much atmosphere in the place either although we did try to create our own. We were sat upstairs too many tables and it lacked a roaring fire in the lovely but empty fireplace.

A shame really because the food was really good and great value at £8.50. They need to do something with the upstairs dining facility. Off we went then for our light supper via Whitelocks but I’ll let Dawn tell you about that. We then walked back to the Cross Keys on Water Lane well, you couldn’t accuse it of not having any atmosphere although by this time we’d all had a few. We walked into the middle of a quiz so we had to be quiet…. No chance . The quiz mistress was certainly different she obviously hadn’t heard of the words “politically correct” she had the voice of a bingo caller but she made us laugh a bit.. We were crap at the quiz anyway so we ordered taxis ,unfortunately Pat was driving and we went home. 

It was a fantastic start to the Christmas Festivities and must be repeated next year.. we won’t need the full roast dinner though before hand. 



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