A Well Hung Turkey

This year we decided to opt for turkey on Christmas Day (not the country, the bird).  We usually go for a goose but as we’d a few more people for Christmas lunch, we decided a bigger roasted bird was needed. Now I’m not a huge fan of turkeys per se as in the past they’ve always come out rather dry regardless of Nigel, Delia, Nigella or whoever’s advice. Anyway the decision was made so I deiced to make the best of it.

I had read that if you invest in a bronze turkey the results are in a different league – so I went for it and ordered online an organic, free range, bronze direct from Devon. My old mate Tim Watson is doing some work with a company called The Well Hung meat Company so we opted for a mail order bird for the first time (no Tess, not mail order bride!). The turkey arrived on the 23rd niceley packed along with an organic gammon joint for Julie’s special Christmas ham.

At probably around double the price of a normal turkey at £70, I do have to say it took some convincing to go the organic extra mile but – wow – was it worth it. Obvliously there was sound advice from Jamie in his How to Cook book. And obviously there was a lot of skill and patience from yours truly on the day (!). But the end results really were remarkable – this was definitely the best turkey we’ve ever had…tasty and moist from start to finish. Even Dad thought it amazing, to quote him: ” There’s turkeys and turkeys, and this is definitely a turkey. The best I’ve ever had”. Wise words indeed.

and nothing has gone to waste, I’ve just simmered the carcass for 4 hours to get the best ever stock for some lucky soup or risotto in January.

We’ll be having a go with their meat boxes in the new year I think if this is anything to go by. Highly recommended – have a look at the website…http://www.wellhungmeat.com


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