Troffers on tour 08/09

Well, not a lot more to be said than what’s already written by D&G (surely a joint, mammoth effort – good work!). There’s a lot of pics on my camera – up to 300 – and I’m sure there are many more. Perhaps even enough for a photo/wine/cheese evening…any excuse for a get together eh?

Rather than repeat the reviews that have already been very well documented, I though to begin with I’d get some pics up on the site. When I’ve cropped and sorted the rest I’ll stick them up on Flickr.

There are some fabulous images and really evocative of our time in Cornwall. It really was the most fabulous week and everybody was such good company. 

The gonad’s head was the site of our first full lunch together. Apart from the fact the place was packed to the rafters with posh oiks from Kensington, this was a remarkably likeable place in the middle of bloody nowhere with a notably small but perfectly formed menu. I’d like to stay overnight here.

There was the little matter of Linda’s dalliance with the brown and the red sauces at the lunch, however. It came to pass that she was partial to a bit of both depending upon the platter…it caused much controversy and questions were asked in the Troffer parliament. Fortunately it was a storm in a teacup and normal service was resumed with Linda resuming her posh food tastes later that day with a cornish pasty with mayo.

Most amazing coffee award in Cornwall goes to the co-op (sorry Gurdev). With amazing brown leather sofas and everything, the supermarket with the mostest has the Wadebridge coffee connoisseur wanting for nothing. Plus they had biscuits.

Craziest plate of food award goes to the monster plate of veg served up as some kind of bonkers anti pasti at the boardroom. Although the food was pretty good that night it was definitely the experience and the company that delivered. And although the venison looked like roadkill, it actually tasted quite ok. Crackin night even though Lucy thought she’d entered ‘some kind of gay bar, with people in tight clothes’.

Brilliant idea of Tess’s – the chinese lanterns! A lovely surprise. Shame about the force ten gale on the beach, the weather can be a pain. I’m looking forward to a nice still evening where we can see them rise into the sky….another evening for the Troffers!

John succeeds in his second dunking of the day after successfully drenching Tess and then sinking himself and Josh into the quicksand between Chapel Port and Porthtowan! Much mirth was had and it was an eventful way to spend NYD afternoon. The evening turned into a bit of session, with everybody feeling like ‘they’d been to the seaside’.

Fifteen rocked even thought JD wasn’t there (she was missed) and anyplace that has the signature of the chef in the soup can’t be bad. The squid was superb (Tony’s third time of asking) and the rib eye was solid and very well put together. The carrot cake was consumed after taking Josh to airport and all the better for it. Fab.

Final day was all about chillaxing in the Stagnes hood. The bakery took centre stage as did the Driftwood Spars, where a very fine belly pork nearly stole the show (their crazy own brewed beer is worth a mention too, ace). One of the most amazing sunsets we’ve ever seen in P’towan took the biscuit to be honest and the shots don’t do it justice.

All in all an amazing week, thanks everybody for making it what it was. It really couldn’t have turned out any better.


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