Nawaab at Tong 7-01-09

Oh my God I can’t believe it….I’ve never been awake this time of night before(and on the Internet) anyway that’s enough of the musical banter….now back to Nawaab!!!!!…Monthly curry night with very good company..Lamb chops, large portion, well spiced and very nice (Tess agreed) …really sorry guys but Tess and I judge a venue on their lamb chops. We really enjoyed our mains, service good and it will be on the list for a return.


1 thought on “Nawaab at Tong 7-01-09

  1. Thanks Dawn for posting this I was supposed to be getting round to it, but to be honest i couldn’t remember my flippin details again to get on the site. Anyhow at my third attempt i’ve done it Hoorah !!. You’re obviously not as tired as me….. I do like large portions.. especially lamb chops.

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