Wagamama, Park Row, Leeds 8th Jan 2009

Lunch with my dear friend AKC, thanks for the introduction Ang, this place is fantastic, very relaxed atmosphere, shared bench style tables in a light airy building…I’m hooked..

A shared starter of..

grilled asparagus
asparagus spears grilled with chilli garlic salt
and coated with a citrus yakitori sauce garnished
with mixed sesame seeds

Mains from specials…

chu chee snapper

stir-fried snapper in a chu chee curry sauce with red peppers, mangetout, white mushrooms and courgette. served with sticky white rice and garnished with corriander

teriyaki steak soba

grilled teriyaki steak on a bed of teppan fried soba noodles with curry oil, mangetout, red chillies, red and spring onions, ginger, beansprouts and bok choi. with teriyaki sauce, coriander and mixed sesame seeds

Excellent food, service and value..


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