Retrospective on missed stuff from 2008

I thought I’d try and redeem myself by retrospectively adding a few things that I had not added to the site last year.

In addition to J&L’s blog on our trip to Portugal and Seville. D and I have added the unbelievable menu we were blown away by at elBulli Hacienda Benazuza. Ferran Adria is truly THE KING OF GASTRONOMY! The dates are when each dish was created ; This is the taster menu we had……FANTASTIC….

Mojito Co2 2001


Candied nuts with honey 2005

Spherical olives 2006

False sea cucumber 2004

Hydrated walnut with mayonaise 2004

Carrot Knots 2007

Hazelnut in textures 2003

Black olive and Cauliflower Skewer 2007

Tuna tartare 2007

Iced tomato 1996

Bread of Cheese 2003

Crab Thigh 2007

Tangerine gelee 2003

Spherical mushroom croquet 2007

Iberian ham”mollete” 2006

Melon with ham in suspension 2006

Cru watermelon 2005


Potatoes foam with truffle crown 1998

Spherical yoghurt knots with king size prawns 2005

Scallops with beetroot ravioli 1995

Crazy “salmorejo” 2006


“Ajo blanco” with crab ceps and asparagus 1989

Hake fish with spinach in chick peas 2006

Beef sirlion with peso auce 2007

Advance Desserts

Candied olive oil 2006

Kumquat sorbet 2006


Black sesame biscuit with coconut soup 2007

Sponge with Tangerine and lavender 1989

Every course ……..had!!!!!!

Wines were suggested by the sommelier and yummy.

There are 3 other restaurants within the hotel bar/tapas. Breakfast is a true Michelin 2 star experience, best breakfast I’ve ever had by a country mile!! Day beds, incredible pool and lounge area ensured a 5 star rating is well earned.

Then moving on……


The little fish restaurant in Faro mentioned by J&L is called Marisqueira a real find.

Additionally I would definitely recommend the following;

Awana Malaysian Restaurant in London, amazing food.

Serigio’s Itallian restaurant in Great Titchfied St., London is now my favourite mid range Italian in London, definitely worth a visit!

North of the border I finally managed to visit the legendary Witchery in Edinburgh with some business colleagues. The food is fantastic as you would expect but the real star was the place itself, on the Royal Mile and “underground”. There were 10 of us and we had a great time but he Witchery is made for that romantic dinner so it’s n my list for D and me next time we’re in Edinburgh.

Last but definitely not least I had dinner at The Houses of Commons hosted by Adrian Bailey MP(menu below), I have to say it was the most amazing experience to be in the corridors of power and history.

And that as they say is that.


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