The Well Hung Meat Company

I think I’ve mentioned to everyone that I have a good mate who’s involved with The Well Hung Meat Company. This Devon based business supply some of the finest organic meat in the country and we had one of their turkeys at Christmas and can attest to the quality of the product. Have a look here

Well Hung Meat has expressed an interest in providing a discounted deal for the Globe Troffers on all Well Hung products (us being influential and all) and also sponsoring a Devon foodie event for us. We’ve not worked out what this might be as yet, but can everyone let me know if in principal it’s something you’d be interested? The guy who owns Well Hung has some lovely cottages on his soil association certified farm in deepest Devon and he’d be happy to come and talk to us about his work – he’s a real food hero in the mould of Hugh I’m told. We could have a cracking weekend and I’m sure there will be Brown sauce for Linda (only kidding!!!)

Could I get a sense from everyone when would be a good time to do it – I’m thinking early Spring when we’re all around…let me know what you all think, I’m happy to arrange.

2 thoughts on “The Well Hung Meat Company

  1. Looks really good, I’m going to order the Intro pack….
    Whole Chicken (1.5kg)
    Beef Minute Steaks (500g)
    Lamb Loin Chops (500g)
    Pork Belly Slices (500g)
    Beef Mince 500g
    Pork Sausages (1 pack)…..

  2. I’ve spoken to to Tim and he’s really keen to put together a ‘Troffer’s Exclusive Selection’! He’s going to have a think about what they might put in it given our demographic within the group (ie no point in having huge lumps of meat for everybody). We talked about a box that might be a mix of gourmet stuff and unusual thrift items — we’ll see, but it sounds cool.
    He did say in the meantime if we order from them just mention Tim and Troffers and that will get a discount.

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