Sunday lunch at Anthony’s

Well, hot on the heels of Tony’s virgin post on the site (very well blogged sir) I feel it necessary to record our highly satisfactory visit to Anthony’s in the Corn Exchange this afternoon.

The £15 for four chicken sunday lunch of course is the hook that gets you there and then you go on to spend more – which is no bad thing, when the food on offer is of such a high standard. I’d say that if you go for the lunch offer then a starter and dessert is required and in our case it was braised pigs cheek, ham hock terrine, cream of cauliflower soup to kick off and bread and butter pudding and chocolate fondue for dessert. All superb.

The Stinson Washington State Chardonnay (£18.95 a bottle) was a perfect accompaniment to the chickeny fare on offer and you can’t help but spread the Anthony’s word. The ambience and surroundings almost develop as you’re there and it’s a curious experience – but enormously satisfying.

Forgot the camera so words will have to suffice for this review.


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