I’m not sure that I agree with the general view on strong tea. The brown stuff is often referred as builders tea, but I don’t know about you I know plenty of people who aren’t builders who like strong tea. In fact in my experience most builders like it milky with lots of sugar. I digress.

When somebody makes me a brew at work, I usually request two tea bags (I know) because the tea they make is too thin for my liking – I blame my dad – and the amount of milk in it is just another tricky thing to manage.

Gurdev and John will be familiar with the Pantone colour specification used in printing to make sure colours get printed properly. Well our designers use this rather piss takingly to work out the colour of my tea from time to time. If you don’t believe me, check it out…

ps  Great to see some good entries this week from Tess and John. Look forward to seeing the Feversham contingent report back!

1 thought on “Tea

  1. Pantone referencing tea…………….bloody creatives always making it hard for us poor printers!! I like “builders tea” as well but it does depend on the quality of the tea bag as poor quality tea bags need longer to stew. However cos I’m posh now I prefer Earl Grey, black one sugar please if you’re putting the kettle on……….

    G x

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