The Feversham Arms and Whitby 8/9-2-09

We had really great weekend last week which started with an impromptu get together at our house(Julie/Phil/Tess/Pat/Tony) for a tapas night. We started with nibbles from Anthony’s which included Olives, Spanish loin of pork pate, caper berries, balsamic onions, black olive and lemon tapenade, chilli garlic, other stuff and fresh baked breads. The plates were various cold hams, sausages courtesy of  Anthony’s but special mention has to go to the acorn fed spanish pig……………deeeelicious! For some reason that morning G had a craving for fresh prawns from Leeds Market(a most excellent fish market) which were cooked with garlic and chilli. D is now well in with The Muffin Man(ask her……..) and managed to get a fresh baked carrot cake with cheese and orange filling. The legendary Anthony’ Fromagerie provided a veritable feast of selected cheeses to name but two, Stinking Bishop and Roquefort. All was washed down some excellent Riojas and Gavi. The lads and Pat did get onto the Cognac later on not too messy.

As per Tony’s virgin blog(a gentle reminder Tony to get your fingers out again and start typing because you’ve still to finish the day) Pat, Tony and ourselves set off to the Feversham Arms. It has to be said that The Fev has been superbly refurbished and extended providing 4 star luxury and we will be back once our wallet allows.

A foggy Fev from our window

Sunday was a late get up due to the morning after the night before syndrome(some suffered more than others(D)). A hearty breakfast and off to Whitby over the foggy and snowy tops was an experience particularly when all of a sudden we were in glorious sunshine, check out the mysterious cloud picture.

Whitby has now some potentially good restarants which will need checking out but an idea for an out of season break(£120per night per room B&B) to the Moon and Sixpence/ Marine is a good bet for our next trip picture below. On the way back we caled in at The Zillah Bell Gallery to view a Norman Ackroyd Etchings Exhibition.

G then went out in Leeds with business associates to watch the once Mighty Leeds beat Millwall at the Sports Cafe then the obligatory curry which was at Akbars, Greek Street, v v good!!

Tuesday was G’s birthday so a family visit to Diva Italiana again not let down.

Wednesday G was in Cheltenham on business overnight and went to the Thai Emerald, food was typically Thai but the wood carved  interior stole the show.

Resting now!!


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