The Star Inn

Just got back from a fantastic lunch at The Star Inn with Julie. Georgia was off skiing and Josh was working so that was all the excuse we needed to head off to snow covered North Yorkshire to Harome.

I think we’re the only ones out of the Troffers who haven’t been to The Star – well we’ve certainly made amends for that I can tell you. I don’t think either of us will need to eat for at least 24 hours after one of the most satisfying lunched for some time.

Although we waited to sit in the bar a table came available in the restaurant so it was to there we adjourned. Lovely vibe and surroundings even if the dining room is a bit whispery and quiet (not a problem, but confidential conversations about embarrassing medical ailments or colleagues’ extra marital affairs are out I’m afraid, everyone will hear you).

On to the food, I couldn’t resist the black pudding and foi gras (huge portion btw) and Julie had Cornish sardines with a local bacon dressing. Maons were tough to choose, but Julie opted for the local lamb which was meltingly slow cooked with beautifully detailed accompaniments and I had Faroe Islands Cod with leek and cockles. All amazing, attention to detail outstanding and wow, the service is quick. There is a well drilled kitchen at the back.

Desserts were looking like a non starter due to the onset of obesity, but we saw sense and Julie had the mini pudding tasters (delish) and I had the blood orange sponge pud (ace). After a couple of coffees we waddled back to the car and headed back to Leeds.

Our lasting impression was that every aspect of the dining experience was of an incredibly high standard. The service was light touch, but experienced and assured. Anthony’s Piazza could do with a couple of these guys there, they were bang on. No real bum notes – price was high but not overly so and the overall quality of the experience was good value. We will return no doubt!


3 thoughts on “The Star Inn

  1. You greedy little monkeys ! Although I suppose it is valentines day so Julie deserves treating. Were also having lamb at D and G’s so i’ll let you know how mouth wateringly beautiful it was when I’ve eaten it. Oh and I haven’t been to the Star either.

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