Pies, Peas, Poetry at the Priestleys


The inaugural Globe Troffers Poetry Evening was held at Pat and Tony’s on Saturday 21st March. And what a great evening it was.

Our first foray into a cultural event (theatre trips aside) was a resounding literary success with more culture being thrown around than an evening with Melvyn Bragg.

The prose was nobly accompanied by rustic pie and pea fare which soothed our collective, fevered, poetic brows. The pie was Aberdeen Angus beef from the local farm in Northowram and it hit the mark. Peas, mint sauce etc all did their jobs splendidly. 

In between rounds of poetry we tucked into a few tarts that John had brought with him (from Betty’s – curd, custard and a Betty’s Special) and  D&G’s cheese selection (from Anthony’s Fromagerie) all were excellent, in particular the Roquefort.

There was a lot of poetry kicking off – for the record, here’s the running order – which poems were chosen, read and by whom…

Albert and the Lion by Marriott Edgar — Read by Tony and Jess

A day at the seaside by Pete Postlethwaite (unpublished) — Read by Tony

A slice of wedding cake by Robert Graves — Read by Tess

Annus Mirabilis and  This be the verse by Philip Larkin —  Read by Phil

Beverley’s Bedroom by Georgia Dean (Age 8) — Read by Julie

Despatches from the heart (excerpt) — Read by Gurdev

When the sun goes down by Alex Turner — Read by Pat

‘Anthology of verse’ featuring ‘1-3 Gifts for my son’ (author unknown), ‘How do I love thee?’ by Browning and ‘Goodnight then’ by Churchill  — Read by John from his mother’s personal notebook

The owl and the pussycat by Edward Lear — Read by Julia

Jaberwocky by Lewis Carroll — Read by Tony

Bathtime by Judith Nichols — Read by Tess

Interlude —  pies and peas

The Shropshire Lad and The Licorice fields of Pontefract by John Betjemen — Read by Phil

A busy day (Author unknown) — Read by Jess

Night Mail by WH Auden — Read by Gurdev

Epitaph for an ordinary man by Tony Priestley (age 18, unpublished) — Read by Pat

Half way down by AA Milne and The Tiger by William Blake — Read by John

A selection of verse from ‘Macbeth’, ‘Waiting for Godot’ and ‘Let me die a young man’s death’ — Read by Tony

The dog ate my homework by Dave Crowley — Read by Tess

Interlude for desserts, cheese and port in cheeky little glasses like pipes

The Tyre by Simon Armitage — Read by Phil

The Dog by Rudyard Kipling and Dog by Simon Armitage — Read by Gurdev

A final ‘open’ selection of poems were read (I may not have captured them all here, so apologies if some are omitted):

Do not stand at my grave and weep (author unknown, voted number 1 poem in BBC poll)

If by  Kipling

The daffodils by Wordsworth

Jenny kissed me by Leigh Hunt

Stop the clocks and Death by Auden

A lover mourning the loss of life by Yeats


And finally to round off a perfect evening, we were treated to a brilliant recital of ‘The Battle of Hastings’ by Marriott Edgar by Tony.

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