Ricci & Capone’s

Casual lunch at Ricci and Capones Halifax. Welcoming atmosphere and attentive pleasant service. Several specials on offer to complement an already lengthy menu. However not everything is available all the time, some courses designed as breakfast offerings cease at lunchtime. Similarly the evening menu is different. The ambience tries to be Little Italy in New York and considering it was a rainy day in West Yorkshire it succeeded fairly well.

I opted for mussels in tomato, chilli and garlic to share with Pat, whilst she halved her steak sandwich for me. The mussels were nothing short of orgasmic, big , juicy and tender bathed , in a fiery broth. No bread though, so had to scoop up the liquid in a convenient shell. The steak sandwich was less memorable , though no less satisfying.

This is a good spot for lunch, and licenced as well. The ladies could combine luch with a look around Harveys department store.

1 thought on “Ricci & Capone’s

  1. Nice one Pat and Tony…although it’s not the first time that we’ve heard that big mussels can be orgasmic!!

    G and D.

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