Fishy Sunday Lunch 3/5/09

Last Sunday morning we were watching Food TV and James Martin was cooking fish. This inspired us to book a table at Livebait(Leeds) as we hadn’t been for some time. We met the “kids” at Whitelocks for a pint first and as always the IPA was tip top. A short walk to Livebait ,which was quiet due to the fact we booked for 2 pm and it was bank holiday weekend.

The starters were preceded by 2 pots of fresh prawns that were messy to peel but once dipped in the home made garlic mayo………yummy.  A very mixed bag of starters, Irish rock oysters(fab even though it was May), spicy squid rings(super), garlic prawns All were pretty much perfect!

For main courses, Jenny and Dawn had grilled lobster which was fantastic, Gurdev had grilled tiger prawns which were delicious, Emily had the sea bream(spot on) and the lads had fish and chips(big beauties)!

A superb bottle of Montrachet finished off a really memorable meal.

We then waddled over to Anthony’s for relaxing digestif’s and guess what, yep  two legendary Anthony’s chocolate fondues to share. Off  home to watch movies in our PJ’s finished off a beauiful day.


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