The New Aagrah, Midpoint Thornbury

That time again and dawn and myself met up with our curry group for another exotic meal. The restaurant is beautiful, plenty of space around the bar area to enjoy a drink whilst waiting . I chose lamb chops my usual starter as did Dawn. We do like to compare them with what we’ve eaten at other establishments. When they arrived I did think to myself (O’h the portion isn’t too big) not that I’m greedy ! but they were wonderful and just enough. Fairly spicy but the salad was a little different in that It contained a few fried onions. Main courses and I had a chicken Kashmiri  with banana and lychees and Dawn had Chicken hyderabadi with coriander fresh yoghurt garlic and ginger. I chose rice to accompany mine. The main courses were quite spicy probably a little more than what were used to but very nice indeed. Dawn was a little over-faced but as usual I managed to clear my plate. There was too much rice though and for future reference  I would buy one lot of rice for 2 people.

The service was excellent, the food very very good and the price very reasonable. I would certainly go again in fact I am in June and looking forward to it now even more.

Tess and Dawn

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