The Reliance

As the girls were out dining elsewhere in the city (see separate post) I decided to join a couple of mates for a chilled out session at The Reliance in Leeds. Situated at the top of town on North Street, it’s not quite ‘in’ the city and for my money it’s all the better for that.

Although it was pretty busy – it was Friday night after all – it was on the right side of noisy providing a nice atmosphere with the early evening sunlight spilling into the room through the large windows. I am very happy to report they serve bitter in dimple glasses – a pleasing detail and very much a sign that they know their stuff.


One of the slight disadvantages of the location of Reliance is that if you fancy eating there’s not lots of restaurants in the immediate vicinity (Hansa’s next door of course if that’s what you fancy) but the food is no slouch at Reliance either so we decided to decamp to the dining room and ordered some dinner.

A short menu contained some very tempting dishes and the bustling dining room was just a good place to hang out and eat. We ordered a mixture of fish, steak and oxtail and chorizo casserole – all very well handled and served up very quickly. The guys ordererd some cheese and it was all washed down with a couple of bottles of very brisk Chilean Rose. Value for money was excellent too – highly recommended.

Apologies for the shaky nature of the photography – this is due to my iphone’s slow shutter speed and not the volume of Chilean Rose. Honest.


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