T&K’s Inaugural Barbecue

Saturday evening was spent celebrating Tim and Karen’s new addition to the family –  no, there hasn’t been the patter of tiny feet – but there certainly is a new bad boy in the Thomson household. And it’s a barbecue.

I’ve lost count of the number of times that Tim has promised at the end of a long and refreshing evening around the Dean barbecue that he was building his own version…but after all these years, he’s finally gone and done it. And we were invited over on Saturday to give it the Troffers once-over. 

I can report that Tim has done a superb job, with all fixtures and fittings of the highest order and although the kit is only on its  third official outing, Tim is already a steady hand at the BBQ tiller. Vast quantities of food were prepared by Karen (I know what you’ll be eating today) and it was all excellent.

By the end of the evening, Tim’s arms looked like he’d just had two weeks in Lanzarote (goes with the territory, after 15 years of fire cooking, it’s par for the course) and his contact lenses had shrivelled up into pea sized plastic marbles. Still, the evening was hugely enjoyable and it was great fun. Thanks to all for a brilliant evening.



2 thoughts on “T&K’s Inaugural Barbecue

  1. What a fabulous evening with excellent food, company and drink..many thanks guys for working hard, feeding us well and making us feel at home.


  2. Yes had a really good evening, the food was great the BBQ spectacular and the cup cakes looked very delightful ! but I didn’t have one because I didn’t have room after eating a piece of Julies wonderful passion fruit roulade.

    A good evening had by all.!!

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