Roast, Borough Market, London

Having had this place recommended so many times and heard so many good things about it, I found the opportunity to meet up with a business contact for a spot of dinner last night.

I’m also a fan of the brand identity for this place too – it was created by a really nice guy called Pierre Vermier who runs a cool design studio called HGV. Anyway, enough talk of design. 

To say there’s a recession on, the place was pretty rammed with foodies tucking in on a midweek evening which says a lot about the food and Roast’s reputation. I passed an awful lot of half empty/completely empty restaurants walking to the restaurant too which speaks volumes. Roast is situated inside Borough Market (proper foodie heaven of course) and enjoys an elevated position on the the corner by The Market Porter.

Prices weren’t cheap, but equally represented reasonable value (starters £7-9, mains £15-25) for a restaurant of this standing. I had the beef hash with coddled egg (coddled, how good a word is that?) and mustard and for mains I had spit roasted chicken with bread sauce and twice fried chips. My companion had the same to start and a huge slab of cod for his main (no wonder there’s no cod left in the sea, Roast are serving it all up). The wine list was ridiculously long and as they don’t have a house wine (which I think is a con) we opted for an Aussie Shira Bili Bili which was suitably big and did its job very well.

If you had a spare hour the wine list could have been digested but as the waiter didn’t know the first thing about wine, that was a letdown. At these prices, a Sommelier would have been good. A quibble though, in an otherwise enjoyable and lively evening in a cool and very happening place. Highly, highly recommended. Staff were super friendly too.

On my way back, walked past an amazing cheese gaff too – Neals Yard I think. Wowsa.

4 thoughts on “Roast, Borough Market, London

  1. You’ve never heard of the word coddled, well i would like to say that I was once the proud owner of an egg coddler, in fact I think Mr TP bought me it as a gift many many years ago. I certainly know how to coddle an egg !!


  2. Well, I had actually heard of the word coddled but I’d never eaten on one of said eggs! They’re just baked aren’t they in little pans.

  3. Fabulous place – great food, great atmosphere and if you have one of their “Liquid Desserts” I promise you will want to steal the glass it comes in!

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