After a long day of meetings in London, my final meeting was at St Pancras (which, by the way if you haven’t visited is completely amazing in every way) so I decided to grab a late lunch before my last meet.

I’ve been a few times in the past – as it’s a pretty established chain in London – so I though it would be a better option than a one-off  bar that served food. Well, it was Ok. Bruschetta for starters was fine, but the tomatoes didn’t have the sunshine hit you need and the asparagus risotto (note emerging theme) was again OK but not exceptional. Glass of Puglian Rose was the best part of the meal to be honest. It was good food but quite pricey for what was on the plate. 

I’d certainly recommend it for a light lunch and in terms of what other chains deliver, they’re head and shoulder above the rest. To give you some idea of how it compares up North, if there was one in Leeds, I believe it would do very, very well.

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