Azucar Tapas Bar

A sunny afternoon in Leeds and after a nice mooch round the city centre we fancied eating alfresco in the sun.

Funnily enough, Leeds is not blessed with lots of places where we can take advantage of the sunny weather and pretend we’re in Valencia (most unlike this city as we’re good at pretending we’re lots of things we’re not, but I digress). Anyway, we’d been looking at buildings down by Brewery Wharf and spotted a cool looking, busy and sun kissed Tapas place. It was reassuringly busy and people seemed to eating, drinking and just hanging out so it looked promising.

I find most Tapas to be enjoyable whilst you’re there and whilst the food is not the main event, it adds to the overall experience rather than being the focus. This was no different and we over-ordered (something I always do in a Tapas bar) so wave after wave of food arrived and filled the table. We ordered three dishes each and unfortunately the rose wine took its toll in the sun quite quickly and I forgot to note these down. Nice fat gambas, juicy chorizo, chicken tortillas all stood out and  all added to an overall satisfying experience.

If you a fancy a ‘chillax’ (to use the modern parlance) in the sun whilst enjoying some good food, this place will definitely do the trick. Efficient service too, which I didn’t expect. It does bustle very well too, we felt like we were somewhere else and as we were leaving the restaurant next to us cranked up a BBQ which was very popular with booze addled sun worshippers making a beeline for the grill.

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