Harvey Nicks 4th Floor with my girls

Last Friday Jenny took a well deserved a day off so we decided to go for a nice lunch to Harvey Nicks as a treat. I arrived a little after Dawn and Jenny, they had already started on Pink Champagne, I started with a super Peroni Reserva. After a couple drinks we took a lovely table by the window and with the sun pouring into the restaurant it was European chic!

Jenny and I had asparagus with fried duck egg and hollandaise, Dawn had cold aubergine salad all very good. Mains were, calves liver with beetroot and pine nuts for myself, rib eye steak with chips for Jenny and plaice with samphire for Dawn all were just top draw!! The girls enjoyed a second bottle of Pink Champagne and I had 3 glasses of a lovely crisp Chablis. A short break before puddings, then the girls ordered a kind of assiette special mention has to go the Victoria Sponge Cake. I didn’t fancy a pudding but asked if they would add a packet of Cantucci biscuits from their deli with a glass of Tokaji( a la Diva Ialiana), which was no problem and very nice indeed. Pricey but still one of the top spots in Leeds.

The weather was so good we decided to have a fire that evening and invited the Dean’s and Tess to join us in the garden. However the decision to walk Chester first meant a stop off at the Cricket Club for a couple of pints……………we were then late for our own fire but Jenny entertained our guests for a short while until we arrived, inevitably some wine was opened, hey we slept very well.


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