Breakfast at Anthony’s

I’m on a quest. I’m looking for the very best breakfast in Leeds.

I realise that it’s not exactly Jason’s quest for the Golden Fleece, but it’s my challenge all the same. I’m reading some great reports about the breakfast offering of Leeds, so I thought I would start at a restaurant where the bar is set pretty high already.

Whilst the lovely JD was having a cut & perm, I settled down at a table for one in Anthony’s in the Corn Exchange.

I ordered orange juice, coffee and eggs benedict. The full english sounded mighty enticing, but I resisted as there’s not many places that serve eggs benedict and I felt sure it would be good here. First up, the orange was clearly freshly squeezed as it had a lovley tangy sweetness and it was served long with ice, so full marks there. Coffee americano was good too and extra points for the hot milk.


The eggs benedict arrived about ten minutes after I’d ordered them and full marks for presentation as always. Poached eggs were perfectly cooked and the combination of bacon and toasted bread and hollandaise was sublime.

The only bum note was for service – when the waiter asked if I wanted  black pepper, I replied in the affirmative, then he forgot all about it! It was no biggie and I’d scoffed it all down pretty quickly anyway it was that good!

The bill was £11 including service (added on the bill as is the norm it seems these days).

I’m looking for suggestions where to try next – I’m looking for recommendations!

1 thought on “Breakfast at Anthony’s

  1. Hey Phil,

    We had a great breakfast at Harvey Nick’s in the arcade, they had a chef griddling away(Lishman’s sausages etc) was v good, worth a trymate.


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