Before the big London pitch last week, we were in need of sustenance as we’d not eaten – top tip, never go into a pitch on an empty stomach. We found the client address easily enough so we set about finding somewhere quick and easy for lunch as we only really had half an hour.

we spotted a cool looking place just on the Strand (on the corner of a road I can’t remember the name of) called Leon. It had a lofi funkiness to the signage and branding that was instantly attractive amongst the corporate frontages on offer in central London.

Take out or sit and most people seemed to be taking out an there were a few tables free so we settled in. They pride themsleves in real fast food and not junk and you know what – they weren’t kidding. We ordered at the counter and food was served in neat boxes. We had superfood chicken salad and grilled chicken with rice. It was tasty and tasted like real food, which for a place like this is no mean feat. Prices were pretty good too for WC1 with mains around £5-£6 – which doesn’t buy you much darn sarf.


The surroundings are ‘home-made’ in a cool, but clearly designed way and it didn’t feel like it was part of a chain (although it turn out it’s a small chain of five restaurants) they have got it all right. One look at their website and they’ve got some serious followers with the likes of Nigel Slater and Gordon Ramsay fans. If there was a Leon in Leeds, I think it would do very well catering for the office bids during the day and then social dining of an evening.

Highly recommended for fast, quality, well sourced food thoughtfully prepared and well presented. We’ll definitely be back.


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