Diva Italiana


Not a newcomer to this blog – in fact an old favourite.

A very welcome Monday night initiative from the entrepreneurial Pudsey Italian restaurant saw all the Troffers (minus John and Linda, still States-bound) convene for a chilled out  Monday evening dinner.

Now I realise that Mondays are really meant for an early night and a cup of cocoa after a weekend of excess (discuss), but this was the first of Diva’s special Italian ‘home cooking’ nights. There’s no menu. It’s fixed at £15 for 5 or so course and then you pay on top for drinks, coffees, desserts etc. The chef asks if you’re seafood, meat or happy to try both and you take pot luck. You get what you get.

We all had a bit of both and the highlights included bruschetta, pate, gamberoni, gnocchi — all the food was intended to be just how it is back home in Italy. Simple. The pannecotta I had for dessert deserved a mention and the tiramasu went down well too. Wine was good too – authentic and not overpriced..

All in all, a fantastic treat for a Monday evening where the best you can expect is a late tea and and early bed. Instead we were still sat out drinking Limoncello whilst the taxi showed up.

It would be churlish to point out that the Monday evening ‘event’ is just an opportunity to get diners in when we’re most likely to be sat in front of BBC2. But you know what, when food is cooked so passionately and the service is so attentive, it’s a travesty to stay at home. Thanks to the Troffers (in particular D&G) for making it happen.

Great neighbourhood restaurants are rare – we should cherish this one.

Sorry about the lack of pics – the food came thick and fast – I just got stuck in!

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