Kendell’s Bistro

As a send off for Josh on the day before he set off to New Zealand/Australia, we orgnanised a low key family dinner at Kendell’s in Leeds.

We’ve not been for a good few months, as I guess there is so much choice right now in terms of quality eating establishments. On a very warm earlu July evening it was good to see Kendell’s very busy with the restaurant over half full and it wasn’t just the pre theatre crowd.

At the Troffers, we’re big fans of Kendell’s and every time we go I always wish we went more often (although we have been a few times!). Chef Steve Kendell plies his trade extremely well in this unpretentious restaurant – it’s not flashy or showy, just simple well executed french bistro food crafted with great ingredients. There’s a lot of restaurants who would do well to follow his lead.

Prices aren’t bargain basement (unless you go for the early bird in which case it’s extremely well worth getting there early) but they do represent good value based on the product and service.

on the evening we were there, service was on the slow side but it didn’t spoil our enjoyment – we were made to feel very welcome by the front of house team and as ever recognised as returning customers and treated as such (other restaurants take note – in particular Anthony’s Piazza).

Highlights were Julie’s sea bass – light, fresh and punching with flavour and my melt in mouth fillet with retro cool Au Poivre sauce. Belly pork and duck breasts also doing the business.

1 thought on “Kendell’s Bistro

  1. I really like Kendell’s more after they got rid of the orange cactus lounge bucket seats. I do tend to make judgements about the quality of what I am about to receive based on the bread, and it is one of the best restaurants for a good bread roll with lovely butter! Yum.
    You get really great hearty portions at Kendells, and usually I have eyes bigger than my belly (which if you have seen the later would scare you as my eyes would then be the size of dustbin lids) I always aim to have the pud but am usually stuffed by the time I have finished my bread course!
    Seriously the onion soup is lush!
    I’m always happy to see the place busy too, but not too busy just in case they run out of bread for me…

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