G and D’s 8th July 2009

Alfresco, Hmm! bit chilly not like last week but we did it! the food however was not chilly…..peppercorn seared fillet of beef on a bed of rocket leaves, mains, roast belly pork, roasties, fine green beans with chilli and butterbeans with pancetta and chilli oil. ……..Dessert, THANKYOU,  Marco PW….. homemade Sherry triffle, black cherry jam with Harveys b c sherry..and loads of it….vanilla custard and whipped cream topped with almonds..


D and G.x

4 thoughts on “G and D’s 8th July 2009

  1. This evening was a complete surprise , yes i knew i had been invited to eat at D and G’s but the food I was served was absolutely a fantastic treat. To start we had fillet of beef on a bed of rocket with parmesan, it was simply devine. 2nd course was belly pork with simply the best crackling I have ever had !! this was served with roast potatoes and green beans and butter beans.(I think thats correct)

    Not to be outdone Dawn two puddings made a delicious sherry trifle with cream in lovely individual glasses. I washed mine down with a few glasses of Gavi. It really was a super night and a meal that anyone would have paid a good price for in any restaurant. The company wasn’t bad either I was joined by John and Linda from one of their many jaunts abroad.

    Thankyou Tess x

  2. What else can I add to the previous comments from Tess. A totally unexpected delight. Chef was definitely showing off and treated us all to a memorable gastronomic evening. A visit to Bentley’s the butchers in Pudsey is imminent to try and reproduce G’s crispy pork, but I fear it will be difficult to equal. Mention must also go to Dawn’s intoxicating sherry trifle which finished the night literally on a high. Thanks once again for a great evening.

  3. Hi Kendro,

    The crackling is really simple as long as the cut of pork is properly scored(I ask the buthcher to do it) and then rubbed with flaky sea salt and cracked black pepper. I then start with a 20 min sizzle(hot as the oven can go ala Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall) then roast as normal until last 10 mins turn heat up full, rest for 15 mins………….hopefully that will work with all cuts of pork.



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