Zachary’s at Fulneck

For the annual Fulneck School Governors Dinner (please note the capitals), we adjourned, as tradition now dictates, to Zachary’s restaurant next to the school on the historic and quite picturesque Moravian settelement (just outside Pudsey).

As ever, we are the only diners in the restaurant and I am assured that they do get other diners from time to time. Whenever I’m in, however, fellow diners do seem to be at a premium. All things considered though, the restaurant has been trading for a good few years so they must be doing Ok in the overall scheme of things.

I would in general say that I think the food is good at Zachary’s but he does have the tendency to – how we say – faff around with it a bit too much for my liking. My pork and beef meatballs were perfectly good, no probs there. Soup next – tomato and basil. Soup usually makes by body temperature rise at least 75 degrees so I never eat it unless it’s in the depth of winter. What possessed me to order it then, lord only knows. I sweated discreetly.

For mains I ordered calves liver – now this was almost pink enough but not quite, but that’s acceptable. The rest of the gubbins around the liver wasn’t – far too much stuff and a bit too confused (the red cabbage was too much). Keep it simple, I say.

Dessert was a pistachio brulee – with, you guessed it loads of other stuff including rasperry ice cream, rasperries and a jus. Just too much.

Service was Ok – not fantastic – but fine. We were a big group and it takes a lot to get us in and out plus we had speeches etc. But we did pre order (about 6 months ago, I kid you not) so it would have been nice to have a quicker turnaround. But it’s a small kitchen I do understand, but if the food was simpler it would surely make life easier for the kitchen?

The restaurant has seen a nice refit pretty recently and does look a lot better than it did. Hopefully next time we go (and I’ll try and make it sooner than next year’s dinner) it will be a simpler and less fussy affair.

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