Chino Latino, Leeds, 23-07-09

A very loveley afternoon/evening was spent with my dear friend AKCoppi. We met at Restaurant Bar and Grill and had a Mojito which set us up for the Mojito challenge…Watching cocktails been mixed is a fascinating business but I always find myself wanting to tell…sorry.. advise bar mixologists? how to make a decent Mojito….Anyway..our 2nd M was at Harvey Nichols, very tasty but too much ice…3rd in HN was spot on and not made by the same guy as the 2nd….funny how the same ingredients mixed differently can give such a different taste….

Eventually at 6.15ish we made it to Chino Latino, we were welcomed by friendly staff who informed us that on Wednesdays between 6-7pm they provide free canapes and drinks!!!!!(wine and beer)…Yipee, the little chicken wing things were fab as were the tempura battered vegetables and the 2 glasses of wine!!

At 7pm we were shown to our table, no starters required, I ordered blackened cod with Jasmine rice and AKC opted for the steak cooked on hot rocks and a portion of noodles….the food was delicious and our final Mojito went down extremely well….Dessert was shared..described as a fresh exotic fruit selection with white chocolate dipping sauce, we could not resist ..a bit of a let down ….as it was not very exotic, a few strawberries, watermelon and mango..but it was served with choc sauce so who cares!

Anyway, the Mojito challenge on this occasion was won by the 2nd in Harvey Nichols but is probably something we should continue……..



1 thought on “Chino Latino, Leeds, 23-07-09

  1. The best Mojitos I’ve had in Leeds were Viva Cuba I think. Closely followed by Mojo. Although I’m not sure, so I think we should try them again!

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