Hog Roast Sat 01-08-09


Globetroffer events don’t get bigger – and hotter – than this!

65 people invited and the rain just kept on coming down but we did not let it dampen our spirits and we carried on regardless.

The prep started Friday the 24th July with G, Tess and me putting together the rig ….an impressive bit of teamwork as it only took us 45mins and that was with amends as we did it wrong 1st time round..Oops…An evening meeting  of the Troffers was called to order as documented earlier on the blog by Phil and tasks were allocated .

Thurs 30th started with a gazebo building exercise, good fun in the wind and rain but with 15 bin loads of dry wood been delivered we needed a plan, a challenge to keep it dry but once stacked the wood was covered and we headed off to Costco to research breadcakes and other food reqirements. Friday 31st, another busy day, grass cut, garden tidy and seating/table arrangements sorted we headed off to collect 38kilos of pig, thank goodness for Tommy who carried it to the car…7pm the rest of the team arrived and pig was secured on the pole (ready for the 5.30am start next morning) we sat and had a welcome drink and discussed schedules….

True to the forecast, Sat morning 5.30am was dry so the fire was set and the allowed to burn. Phil and G covered the pig with a secret recipe rub that Julie had prepared and the pig was placed on the rig and so began 13 hours of slow roasting with turning done every 10-15mins…as well as turning the pig we had to cover the rig every time it rained….think back, Sat was terrible weather, we now know how the groundsmen at Edgbaston felt taking the covers on and off!!!!



Early doors on the pig before it got some colour.

Apologies for the tardiness of my post on last weekend’s hog roast – I think we’re all still recovering!

It was our second hog roast and we learnt so much from the first event and all that experience was brought to bear on the day. In spite heavy deluges of rain, every hour during the day, we managed to keep the pig and the fire dry enough to produce a pig cooked to perfection at the end of the day, and the crackling wasn’t completely ruined either. If anyone fancies doing one – and I would recommnend it, our fine rig is available for hire at a very reasonable rate!


Gurdev and John look on as the pig and beef get going nicely.


Tony’s duck egg expertise.

We found time to innovate along the way too – always thinking! We had a fabulous breakfast of duck eggs and bacon, cooked on the fire. Eggs perfectly handled by Tony. Lunch turned into a mini feast along the way with lobster, sea bass and a delightful amuse bouche of rib of crop after John and Tony paid a visit to Bentley’s in Pudsey.


Light lunch, Troffer style.

Special mention has to go to D&G who hosted the event this time round and put in lots of time and effort to make sure the event went of fantastically well. As usual, everyone mucked in to make it a big hit with all of our guests.

More photos to follow – and there’s lots of them! More updates as we get them…


1 thought on “Hog Roast Sat 01-08-09

  1. Tony decided to try out Phil’s recommendation for the left over pork. Jill invited us to share a drink or two on her lawn the day after the hog roast so we took the pork up there and were joined by Linda and Johnny.

    We took the pork, garlic, bread rolls and apple sauce. Jill didn’t have any mayonnaise so Tony and Johnny improvised with salad cream. We used apple sauce instead of ketchup and the bread buns were lightly toasted to perfection. The end result was tasty and successful.

    We heard later that Luke used reggae reggae sauce and it was fantastic!

    Is there any of that pork still surviving?

    Pat and Tony

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